Duplicate Bridge Scoring

In duplicate bridge (unlike rubber bridge) every hand is an entirely separate entity, with no part scores carried forward. The score for each hand consists of a trick score and a bonus for partscore, game or slam. The scores for each hand are calculated according to the tables outlined below. These scores are then compared with those of other pairs playing the same hand in one of three ways - Matchpoints, IMPs, or Board-a-Match/Point-a-Board.

Matchpoints is the usual scoring format in clubs and tournaments whilst IMPs (International Match Points) is the usual form of scoring for teams competitions. More details of both can be found online. The form of scoring used in the New Tricks Tournament Series is Board-a-Match, sometimes called Point-a-Board, where the score for the N/S pair at one table is compared with the corresponding pair at the other table. The pair that has the better score, no matter by what margin, wins the board and are awarded two points, and the same applies to the E/W pairs. If the scores are the same at both tables, then everybody scores one point.


Trick Score

♣/ = 20 per trick
/♠ = 30 per trick
NT = 40 for the first and 30 for each subsequent trick


Contract bid & made Non-vulnerable Vulnerable
Part-score 50  
Game 300 500
Small slam 500 750
Grand slam 1000 1500


  Non-vulnerable Vulnerable
  1st 2nd/3rd 4th+ 1st 2nd+
Undoubled 50 50 50 100 100
Doubled 100 200 300 200 300
Redoubled 200 400 600 400 600

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